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Frequently asked questions

iSUDS technology was designed and developed in Richmond VA. Our product developers, technicians and staff reside in the US.

Our commitment to innovation is what drives us, and our in-house development team allows us to adapt to your specific needs.

iSUDS is  beverage operating system that allows you to control different beverages all at the same time.  You cans set prices, automate processes, differentiate between premium and non-premium products, display your own advertising,  set happy hours, manage consumption of any product, manage staff access and more.

From conception to completion we approximate 6 to 8 weeks to deliver and install the product. Depending on the readiness of the site itself and  the number of taps, we suggest 1 hour per tap of install time on site.  Prior to install, we update you on the items required to make install as seamless as possible. We send out a list of all the items we require before we get on site to make it easy for all involved.  Once the install begins, it typically takes 2 days for completion..

Since every location is different, there is no one-size-fits-all pricing. However you will want to budget around $750 per tap when it comes to the cost to build a beer system. You’ll also need to budget for the actual construction of the wall and wiring to be available at the wall. Our project manager will discuss the total costs as well as work up a proposal when you are ready. From conception to completion, our team will be with you every step of the way.

iSUDS is the only self-serve beer developer in the nation that stands on 24/7 customer support.  Our team provides your business with the confidence that if there’s a problem, someone will be there. Our team is constantly monitoring and updating the system to ensure the most up to date and reliable software there is. If a problem does arise, you can rest assured that we are there to take your call. Our system provides remote access to our technical support team can analize, diagnose and resolve any issue remotely. If you are in need of a part. You will overnite it to you at no cost. Customer service is our number one priority.


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