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ISUDS is a proven solution to any business that serves beer or wine. As a product development and technology firm based out of Richmond, VA, we saw the need in today's hectic world for more effective way to serve beer. Richmond, Virginia being a large craft beer city, we wanted to bring something fresh to the table; one that gives customers the freedom to taste and enjoy not only the beer itself, but relish in the entire experience. Bar and restaurant owners see the benefits as well. In addition to increased sales, real-time data reporting and a more efficient and effective flow of business, self-serve taps are fun. Suddenly, enjoying beer is an interactive experience where your customers feel like they are in control. They can pour a little beer from each tap for a sampling experience, or show their skills drawing a perfect glass of their favorite brew. Now your business can stand out from the rest with an interactive guest experience that is sure to drive new and repeat customers. Just look at what some of our clients are saying.

"One of the main perks of self-serve is the ability for guests to try small amounts of every beer on tap, without that money coming out of the our profits. We also wanted to solve the problem of having customers invest in their beer. Many times you get a beer and not like it. Here you can take just a sip of every single beer if you wanted to,”
“It’s like Sweet Frog for beer. I thought it would be cool to do because the beer scene in Richmond is huge — and why not have the best of beer here in Carytown? You also want people to have something more to do. There needs to be a fun factor. That's why iSUDS is perfect!”
“I’ve noticed similar concepts in New York and Washington, D.C., and decided it was time to introduce it to Richmond. Carytown, given the number of restaurants and attractions in the area, seemed to be a perfect fit for this type of concept.”

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